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The 3 Best Reasons to Live Near a University in Cambridge

university in CambridgeOne of the very best things about owning a home or renting an apartment in Cambridge is the concentration of local colleges and universities in the area.  This clustering of higher education institutions enriches the community, provides stability in the local job market and contributes to an educated and cultured population of residents, all of which have an immense impact on the growth and appeal of a neighborhood.  And that’s just the beginning.  The benefits of living in such close proximity to a grouping of colleges and universities, like those found around apartments at Proto, are broad and numerous.  Let’s take a closer look:

Art and Culture

You can be sure that renowned universities like MIT and Harvard invest deeply in their art and cultural resources, most of which are open to the public.  For example, Harvard offers Cambridge residents access to art exhibits and artists discussions, performances by Harvard student groups, dance workshops and classes, art classes and faculty talks on arts, music, culture, poetry, photography, animation and more (source:  Additionally, the public has access to the American Repertory Theater, Harvard Art Museum and Harvard Museums of Science and Culture.  Located on the campus of MIT is the List Visual Arts Center, the mission of which is to “explore challenging, intellectually inquisitive, contemporary art making in all media.” Many residents who live in apartments near MIT love to visit the MIT Museum, which is already a captivating place to experience exhibits, programs and events, but as part of the Kendall Square initiative the museum will take up residence in the 888,000 square feet that will be transformed to enrich the neighborhood and offer students and residents access to new public space, retail and housing.

Beautiful Scenery

Most colleges and universities, especially those as old and infamous as Harvard, take great pride in their architecture, landscaping and upkeep.  When you live near a university, you can expect to be surrounded with acres of beautiful and serene spaces, perfect for picnicking, jogging or relaxing with a great book.  In addition to natural beauty, residents of Cambridge can enjoy MIT’s Public Art Collection which stretches throughout the campus and includes examples of work by renowned artists like Pablo Picasso and Alexander Calder. And let’s not get forget the visual beauty just across the river – some Cambridge apartment complexes, like Proto Kendall Square, offer apartments with city views of Boston!

Sporting Events

In Boston, there’s no shortage of teams to support, but tickets to professional games are expensive and can be hard to come by.  A less expensive but equally enjoyable alternative is to catch a local collegiate game, where the players are competing for pride rather than paychecks.  Often times a collegiate fanbase can be just as, if not more, spirited than a professional one, giving the games a kinetic thrill and making pre and post game festivities an event in their own right.  Harvard has 40 varsity sports, many of which have a very strong fanbase in Cambridge, and “MIT supports one of the broadest intercollegiate athletic programs in the world.”

In Kendall Square you have convenient access to all of the city’s colleges and universities, making it an optimal location for graduate students, educators, college administrators, coaches and anyone who loves to surround themselves with intellect and enlightenment.  If you’re looking to blend the benefits of living near a university with upscale living, find out more about Proto Kendall Square, which has apartments with city views, high-end finishes and luxury apartment amenities.

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