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The Top 4 Reasons Everyone Wants to Live in Kendall Square

Kendall SquareTo some, the city of Cambridge is an extension of Boston, but to us, those 6-square miles just across the Charles River are home to a unique community unlike its neighbors.  Cambridge is most commonly regarded as home to two of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard and MIT, which supply the area with a scholarly population and an atmosphere of enlightenment.  But over the last several decades, Cambridge has developed an identity that goes far beyond the presence of these elite universities, and much of that can be attributed to the evolution of our favorite Cambridge neighborhood, Kendall Square.  From salt marsh to East Coast industrial hub to an abandoned favorite for NASA headquarters, Kendall Square has come into its own due in large part to the flood of entrepreneurs, biotechnology and life sciences firms that recognized the area’s inherent assets and readiness for transformation.  Now, nearly 70,000 employees spend their days in Kendall Square, and many choose to spend nights there too – purchasing homes or renting apartments in Kendall Square to be close to work and the energy created by such a dynamic and alluring neighborhood.  Each resident has their own reason for living in Kendall Square, but we’ve put together an overview of what we think are the top reasons for living in this fun and fascinating neighborhood.


Kendall Square is rich with ethnic diversity, bolstered by the presence of the area’s universities, laboratories and medical programs.  Kendall Square is a top destination for international students, instructors and researchers who want to be a part of the groundbreaking work accomplished within the “most innovative square mile on the planet.”  The large population of international residents and visitors has had a huge impact on the local economy, and on the heterogeneity of the neighborhood’s restaurants.  In Kendall Square, it’s as easy to find Middle Eastern, Japanese or Mediterranean food as it is to find burgers or seafood.  The prevalence of diversity within Kendall Square adds even more dimension to the already enriched neighborhood.


With a walk score of 88 and a strong biking culture, it’s extremely convenient to move around within Kendall Square.  The city has many bike sharing locations, and apartment buildings like Proto Kendall Square have designated areas for bike parking and storage.  This is critical for the students and employees that live in Kendall Square apartments and commute to nearby offices and classrooms.  As easy as it is to travel between Kendall Square destinations, it’s just as easy to make your way outside the neighborhood.  It takes only 15-minutes to walk from the newest apartment building in Kendall Square, Proto, across the Longfellow Bridge to Beacon Hill.  And there’s more than just convenience – it’s a breathtaking walk with views of the entire Boston city skyline, from the Zakim Bridge to the iconic Fenway Citgo sign.  Those who commute to the city from Kendall Square have the option to do so by foot, on a bicycle or via convenient access to public transportation.  In fact, the Kendal Station (Red Line) is just a 3-minute walk from Proto.


Cambridge is known to have one of the lowest residential tax rates of any city in Massachusetts.  Because of this they can make and fulfill lofty plans for projects that adhere to environmental stewardship, like the Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School which is 82% more energy efficient than the average elementary school because of the solar PV system and a multitude of energy efficient initiatives.  The school is one of many initiatives to battle climate change by pursuing renewable energy and reducing the collective carbon footprint of Cambridge’s residential and corporate population.  In fact, Cambridge is a global leader in this arena with more LEED certified buildings in the city than any other in the United States.  Not only is Proto Kendall Square planned to be one of these LEED certified buildings, it is also planned to be Energy Star certified and have a robust recycling program.


To us, convenience, eco-consciousness and diversity are all ingredients in the recipe for a high quality lifestyle, but there’s really something for everyone in the multi-faceted Kendall Square neighborhood.  Foodies won’t be disappointed in the cuisine and ambiance offered by local restaurants and pubs.  As we mentioned in a previous post, Cuchi Cuchi, which is just a short walk from Proto Kendall Square, is remarkable both in food and experience.  Other Kendall Square favorites are The Smoke Shop for BBQ, and Area Four which is well-known by locals as the best pizza outside of The North End.  Of course the neighborhood benefits from the remarkable accomplishments of the local universities, so there’s always a cultural or educational experience to enjoy, whether it be a theatrical performance, concert, lecture or a visit to one of the many fascinating museums.  Finally, the natural beauty of the Charles River and the opportunities it creates for recreational fun amplify the appeal of Kendall Square and make it one of the most well-rounded and enjoyable neighborhoods in all of New England.

Over the last decade, and particularly in the last five or so years, the transformation of Kendall Square has caught the attention of Bostonians looking for a neighborhood that offers the best of both city and suburban living.  This is reflected in real estate prices, which have climbed significantly as of late.  Many residents are making the economical decision to rent apartments in Kendall Square, which gives them a more affordable way to enjoy all that the neighborhood has to offer as well as access to luxury apartment building amenities.  Luckily there are a number of apartments for rent in Kendall Square, including the brand new, luxury apartments at Proto Kendall Square.  Our leasing office is now open, so contact us or come see us at 90 Broadway in the heart of Kendall Square!

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