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Video: Proto’s amenity spaces are unlike anything else

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What do show-stopping amenity spaces really look like? This just-released video from Proto gives the answer. Come along for a tour of the amenities that serve as an extension of your Proto apartment in Kendall Square.

Say ‘hello’ to a one-of-a-kind amenity space: ‘The Garage’

Calling all gamers, musicians, and anyone who would like to make some noise. The sound-proof “Garage” takes urban living to a whole new level. Starring video gaming systems, music equipment, and divinely comfortable couches, this lounge includes every feature of your ideal hangout space. Glossy, oversized prints of cheeky puns and historic Kendall Square moments complete the look. Oh, and watch for the keyboard carpet.

Let your genius loose in the Tech Lounge

Need ideas to float freely? Take a seat in one of the Tech Lounge booths and jot down your thoughts on the whiteboard that covers the wall at the far end of the table. So far, our residents have scribbled anything from genius calculations to quirky drawings. Coffee? Yes, it’s available. Pour yourself a cup.

Show off in the kitchen

One word: Wolf. That’s the brand of the appliances in Proto’s kitchen and dining area. This amenity space is made to make you shine. Put on your chef’s hat — or hire outside expert help — and turn out an elaborate tasting menu for your awed guests. What an amenity space for a celebration!

Pick a chair and breathe

The gas fireplace sparkles. Light pours through the tall windows that frame the space. And, there you are, all stretched out on a yellow, amply cushioned lounge chair. Or, perhaps, you’re hitting forehands down the line at the ping-pong table. Or, taking in a show on the widescreen TV. The Lounge is where everything happens.

Tune your bike right at Proto

The Bike Shed flashes by at the end of the video. Your all-in-one bike storage and repair space, the Bike Shed is a dream-come-true for any bike owner. Proto partners with a nearby bike shop, which will fine-tune your bike right onsite. And, we bet you’ll make good use of your two-wheeler; Walk Score rates the neighborhood around Proto a “Biker’s Paradise.”

Finally, an amenity space for the four-legged crew

Welcome to a piece of pet-owner heaven: the Pet Grooming Station. This spacious amenity features a stainless-steel wash tub and shower head that will make life easier for two- and four-legged friends alike. The “dog run” brings another bonus, letting Fido quickly take care of business in a dedicated space outside when you’re in a rush or the weather doesn’t cooperate.

There’s a lot more to learn about Proto. For the full picture, contact us today.

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