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Moving Into an Apartment in the Winter Actually Makes So Much Sense

Moving to a new apartment

A new year. A fresh start.

Nothing can shake things up as much as moving to a new apartment.

But what about lugging boxes in the thick of winter? As it turns out, there are several good reasons to relocate to your dream apartment (Say “hi” to Proto!) as soon as you’ve rung in 2019.

It’s a great deal.

Although you’ve realized the benefits of a winter move, others have not. While they are holding out for the busy spring and summer seasons when prices go way up, you can move to a new apartment at a fraction of what they will pay. Compared to a peak-season move, you can save as much as 30% on moving costs. Why not invest those savings in a new piece of furniture or artwork for your new space?

You can move to a new apartment on short notice.

You discovered a brand-new apartment for rent in Kendall Square and can’t wait another day to move in. Go for it! A lack of movers won’t hold you back. During the winter months, you can easily make a spur-of-the-moment decision to start fresh as movers are on the hunt for customers.

Movers will accommodate your schedule.

Unlike the summer season when movers may ask you to work around their schedule, winter reverses that scenario: Now, you rule. High-end movers may suddenly be reasonably priced and offer up a smorgasbord of available dates. That’s good news for both you and your precious belongings, which will be handled with care and professionalism. Enjoy.

Cold is good, after all.

Who wants to be carting boxes when the temperature hits 95 and the beach is calling? An overheated moving truck is hardly ideal either. Soap bars melt. Vinyl record collections suffer. Wax candles can leave a melted mess. Winter is kinder on your stuff and makes the move practically sweat-free.

Summer is made for enjoyment.

While others are schlepping boxes as the sun sets over a balmy Cambridge, you can kick up your feet on the outdoor terrace of your new apartment building and relax. Your moving to a new apartment has already been accomplished. Boxes were unpacked months ago. Decorating is complete. Aren’t you glad you moved in the winter?

For an up-close look at our brand-new apartments, don’t wait another day to schedule a tour of Proto in Kendall Square.

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