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Video: What’s the opposite of ordinary? These designer apartments

Proto two bedroom kitchen

Whimsical. Bold. Dynamic. What could it be?

In this brand-new video, you can see for yourself what the opposite of ordinary really looks like. The video takes you inside Proto, a building of just-finished designer apartments in Kendall Square that is almost 90% leased.

Have you ever seen a stylized Boba Fett gracing the wall in an elevator lobby or walked across a keyboard carpet? Surprises are built into Proto’s design, creating an intriguing environment to call home. With a vision of balancing softer lines with pops of color, the design team took the task to heart.

“I’m most excited we could bring in such fun, whimsical, interesting work,” says Suzi Hlavacek, senior art consultant at Boston Art. “We took a lot of risks on this one and went with pieces that were really unexpected; they are so cool and they are so fun to look at.”

Unexpected details

You only have to go as far as the lobby for an example of what Hlavacek is referring to — a wall-to-wall image of a billowing black-and-white cape adds a sense of movement to the sleek, airy space.

The elevator lobby holds another surprise: a stylized mural of the armor-clad Star Wars icon, Boba Fett, by Jamie Chan, aka “kno1famous,” a locally based, mixed-media, abstract-graffiti artist.  Chan aims to “inspire people to enjoy their daily life more by beautifying the spaces we occupy, one wall at a time,” and, thus, his works fit perfectly with Proto’s bold design philosophy.

A nod to the past and present

Some details send a nod to the neighborhood’s past. At Proto, President John F. Kennedy’s legendary moon landing speech at Rice University is depicted on a carpet in one of the common spaces, a subtle reminder of his plan to build the NASA Mission Control Center in Kendall Square.

Others capture the innovative spirit of Proto’s neighbors, like Harvard, MIT, Kendall Square startups, and tech giants. An illustration in the Tech Lounge features a spiraling illustration of the first digits of Pi in color dots, while the “Garage,” a music and video-game space, stars science-related puns (“The worst thing about being hit in the face with Pi is that it never ends.”).

But… even after watching the 90-second video, there’s still so much more to see. For the full picture of Proto’s designer apartments, come visit us in person.

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