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How to Make the Most of Your Cambridge Luxury Apartment Complex Community

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Humans are social beings by nature. We thrive in environments that offer togetherness and belonging, as well as those that provide us with opportunities to share experiences and cultivate relationships. There are many fantastic things about living in a luxury apartment complex in a city like Cambridge – no maintenance, accessibility to urban hot spots, various floorplans, fabulous apartment building amenities – but arguably one of the very best is the community that develops within the building, the impact of which can be immeasurable.

A luxury apartment complex like Proto Kendall Square offers even more opportunity for residents to develop relationships and camaraderie, with on site amenities like a music room with amps, a keyboard and other equipment, a fitness center, and various lounges and work spaces, all of which promote togetherness and activity. Here are a few great ways to connect with others and immerse yourself in an apartment complex community.

Host a gathering!

Whether you choose an intimate cocktail party with the neighbors on your floor, or initiate a potluck in the communal kitchen and dining room, other residents will appreciate the effort and enthusiasm. You’ll already have one thing in common with the other guests – you’ve all chosen to live in apartments in Kendall Square – and it’s likely the commonalities don’t stop there, so hosting a get together will give you the perfect opportunity to uncover those similarities and build on them.

Use the amenities!

Not only are most onsite amenities free, they’re a great way to meet like-minded neighbors and develop relationships. After all, having things in common is one of the ways people feel most connected to each other. Whether it be a shared affinity for yoga (Proto has an on-site yoga-spin studio), a likeminded passion for video games (Proto offers residents video gaming systems with the latest and most popular games), or just a similar schedule that requires residents to use shared work spaces at the same time each day, using the spaces within the building will help you build on similarities – or uncover interesting differences – and develop fruitful, lasting relationships.

Get a dog!

Dogs are great conversation starters, and since Cambridge is such a dog-friendly city, there are many pet-friendly apartment complexes, like Proto, that offer special amenities for pets and areas for dogs – and their owners to get to know each other.

The last one is simple: make eye contact.

It’s easy to avert your eyes and put your head down when passing someone in a hallway, but it’s just as easy to make eye contact and say hi. Studies show that eye contact is one of the most powerful ways to ignite or deepen a relationship, and it evokes a sense a familiarity and comfort. After a long day at work, it’s tempting to hide behind your scarf or look at your phone, but eye contact shows your neighbors that you’re open to engaging, and it goes without saying that engagement is critical to relationship building.

Whether your intention is to develop a network of acquaintances you can call on for small favors and an occasional cup of coffee, or a group of lifelong friends (or something in between), an apartment complex community, like Proto in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, offers an exceptional environment for building relationships that offer everything from security, to motivation, to entertainment and opportunity. There’s power and comfort in community, and these are just a few of the many ways, both large and small, to foster an atmosphere of unity and friendship.

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