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Five intriguing design details you will only find at these Cambridge apartments

It’s all in the details.

As much as we know you’ll love the high-end interior finishes, the in-unit washer and dryer, Nest thermostat, Blomberg Appliances, and Silestone kitchen countertops at Proto, there’s a lot more that set these Cambridge apartments apart. Whimsical details of all apartment homes and common areas capture the innovative spirit and intriguing history of Kendall Square.

Welcome inside Proto’s Cambridge apartments, where every detail counts:

1.    Star Wars Mural

Who would ever think an elevator lobby could be treated as a canvas? But that’s actually the case at Proto, where your eyes will be immediately drawn to a floor-to-ceiling, stylized mural of Boba Fett. The Star Wars image is the creation of Jamie Chan, aka “kno1famous,” a locally based, mixed-media, abstract-graffiti artist. Aiming to “inspire people to enjoy their daily life more by beautifying the spaces we occupy, one wall at a time,” Chan’s work is an ideal fit for Proto.

2.    Embroidered carpet with JFK’s moon landing speech

“We choose to go to the moon.” If you want to dream big, read President John F. Kennedy’s famous Rice University speech announcing the goal of a moon landing. But you don’t need to look it up online. At Proto, you find it depicted on a carpet in one of the common spaces. Why? JFK had plans to make Kendall Square the headquarters for the NASA Mission Control Center.

3.    Cheeky puns, keyboard carpet, Pi-inspired art, and more…

The proximity to Harvard, MIT, and brilliant Kendall Square startups doesn’t go unnoticed at Proto. When you enter the “Garage,” a one-of-a-kind space featuring both music equipment and the latest video gaming systems, you’ll walk across a keyboard carpet. The Garage also displays music and science-related puns (“The worst thing about being hit in the face with Pi is that it never ends.”), while the Tech Lounge stars a spiraling illustration of the first digits of Pi in color dots.

4.    Historical and digital photos: What came before Proto’s Cambridge apartments

Don’t be surprised to find some black-and-white photos of car accidents gracing a wall in the Garage. When we set out to find images that captured the rich history of the neighborhood, it turned out photography was so expensive back in the day that photographers primarily aimed their lenses at the drama of car accidents (and there were, apparently, quite a few of them). Another type of image you can’t miss: the wall-to-wall photo of a billowing cape that adds a sense of movement to the lobby.

5.    Conference Booths with whiteboards

Show off your own creative genius on the large whiteboards, positioned right by the two booths in the lounge area. Last time we checked, the residents of Proto’s Cambridge apartments had covered the boards in calculations and drawings. What will you add?

There’s nothing like seeing it all in person. Let us show you around.

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