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Four Ways to Stay Active in Cambridge

Active in Cambridge

When the skies are grey and the snow is falling, it’s tempting for Cambridge residents to hit snooze and curl up under their covers, but now that it’s officially (and finally) summer, it’s time to fill some of those daylight hours with activity. Let’s take a look at some of the things the city has to offer residents looking to stay active in Cambridge apartments and homes.

The Charles River

This natural gem that serves as the border between Boston and Cambridge is as versatile for active residents as it is lovely. Many people in both cities flock to the river’s edge to get their heart rate up on the scenic running and bike paths that offer a great reprieve from the nearby congestion. The river itself is perfect for those that love nautical recreation and competition and you can easily launch your own kayak, canoe or paddle boat or rent one from a local vendor. As we mentioned in a previous post, we recommend Charles River Canoe & Kayak – not only do they make sure their customers have a fun and safe time exploring the river, a receipt from your adventure gets you a discount at local pizza shop, Za.

Sights of the City

In a city as dynamic and historic as Cambridge, there’s no shortage of urban adventures that offer both exercise and aesthetic delights. The architectural wonders of the city’s esteemed churches and halls, the statues commemorating influential historic moments, MIT’s Public Art Collection, and the activities of a diverse and interesting population of residents – this bewitching city offers the perfect backdrop for jogs and long walks.

Fresh Pond Reservation

If you love living in Cambridge but occasionally want to feel like you’re in the country, check out this 162-acre reserve. It’s full of pathways and trails that surround the 155-acre source of Cambridge’s water – perfect for running, biking or a vigorous stroll with your pup.

Apartment Building Amenities

One of the best things about renting Cambridge apartments is that most offer cool apartment amenities that make it easy and fun for their residents to stay active. At Proto Kendall Square, residents have access to a fitness room and a yoga-spin studio, and the luxury apartment complex offers a number of conveniences for bikers, including maintenance and storage. It’s commonly known that having a dog helps people stay active, and not only does Proto offer pet friendly rentals, but it has amenities, like a pet spa, to reward pups for the positive impact they have on the lives of their humans. Here’s a full list of the amenities at Proto Kendall Square.

Staying active is critical to physical and emotional health, but not everyone enjoys the same form of exercise. While the city certainly has a good number and variety of local gyms and fitness studios, it also offers residents alternative ways to exert their bodies while stimulating their minds – just one of the many reasons Cambridge is an exceptional place to live.

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