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A Semi-Furnished Apartment in Cambridge that Communicates with Google Home? Meet Ori at Proto.

semi-furnished apartment in Cambridge

This is no ordinary piece of furniture. Proto’s Ori Suites redefine urban living, creating semi-furnished apartments in Cambridge unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Forget about feeling cramped and lugging heavy pieces of furniture. At Proto, our semi-furnished apartments in Cambridge come with an ingenious twist. Ori Suites, offered in select studio residences, will revolutionize your everyday life, providing a home that adapts to whatever the moment calls for — a space to sleep, work, lounge, entertain.

What is Ori?

It’s no coincidence that Ori draws its name from origami — the Japanese art of folding paper to transform it into extraordinary objects. Ori’s innovation is driven by the idea that interior spaces, especially in high-density urban innovation centers like Cambridge, have simply become too expensive to be “static and unresponsive.”

Combining design and technology, Ori creates dynamic home environments that act and feel as though they are substantially larger than they are. The all-in-one piece of furniture — it holds a bed, closet, media center, desk, and additional storage — slides and adapts with a finger touch, tap, or voice command, revealing just what you asked for with elegance and ease.

How Ori works in Proto’s semi-furnished apartments in Cambridge

Powered by modular robotics, Ori systems feature an on-device interface which uses motion sensors to light up, as well as the ability to connect to other smart devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS, and Android. You can program pre-settings for the various possible configurations your space can take on.

For example, when you wake up in the morning, the touch of a button transforms your space from bed mode into wardrobe mode, as Ori slides your bed out of sight, giving you access to your clothing storage. Enjoying a lazy morning or an evening with friends? Ori’s lounge mode allows for maximum space.

Transformations are easy and seamless, as Ori moves smoothly and quietly in response to your commands. Any full or queen-size mattress is compatible with Ori, as well as TVs up to 48’’ x 29’’.

Proto’s semi-furnished apartments in Cambridge match the innovative spirit of the thriving community in and around Kendall Square. As of now, there are only 1,200 Ori units available in all of North America. Proto is giving you an exclusive opportunity to experience the magic of the latest in urban innovation.


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