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4 Reasons To Look Forward to Fall in Cambridge

Fall in CambridgeYou would’t know it from the 7-day forecast, but Fall is right around the corner in New England.  Some people are invigorated by Fall energy – the pumpkin spice lattes, the relief from oppressive heat and humidity and the excitement of the holiday season – but many others experience a negative mood shift as the days get shorter and the leaves begin to change.  If you belong to the latter group and you live in a Cambridge apartment or condo, chin up – Fall in New England brings with it some of the most fun and festive activities of the year.  Let’s take a look at the things you have to look forward to over the next several months:

Farmers Markets – Though you can visit Cambridge farmer’s markets in the Summer, they take on a whole new life in the Fall as vendors add wreaths, pumpkins, apple cider and other Fall favorites to their collection of goods.  Though the Kendall Square farmer’s market, the closest to Cambridge’s newest luxury apartments at Proto, is only open through September, residents can visit a number of other great markets that stay open through the Fall, as well as the nearby Somerville Winter Farmer’s Market which offers premium, organic goods, live music, and local vendors in a warm and cozy environment.

Foliage – You don’t have to head north to New Hampshire to experience the glory of New England foliage, and Cambridge residents have direct access to numerous parks and natural environments with acres of deciduous trees.  The Riverway is a great place to take in the the essence of Fall and the dazzling way that plants and animals adapt to the changing seasons, and there’s something majestic about the historical buildings and statues of Harvard Yard nestled amongst the striking colors of Fall.  If you want to enjoy the Fall sunshine in a peaceful atmosphere with a great view, North Point Park is revered by locals as the best place for walking, playing with your kids, relaxing and taking photos.  Enjoy the foliage by boat on The Charles River Cruise or The Boston Duck Tour, but of which are educational and incredibly scenic.

Shopping – If you hate shopping you can skip this part, but for the rest of us, Fall is a great excuse to make a few seasonal updates to your wardrobe, and to start thinking about holiday gifts that will excite your friends and family.  Cambridge has the perfect blend of conventional shopping centers, like the Cambridgeside Galleria, baroque shops and posh boutiques.  For gifts, we like Joie De Vivre in Porter Square, and if you’re looking to add some flare to your Cambridge apartment check out Abodeon, Reside or Observatory which wows visitors with rare antiques and vintage furniture.  Susanna in Porter Square always hits the mark for fashionable, unique women’s clothing and accessories.  If you’re renting in Cambridge or you own a home there, you probably already have your favorite shopping spots, but for those that are new to the area, you’ll soon be stumbling upon shops you can’t believe you ever lived without.

Indoor Amenities – If you live in a building with luxury apartment amenities, like Proto Kendall Square, Fall is the perfect time to start utilizing indoor luxuries.  Proto has it’s own coffee lounge, collaborative work spaces, a fireside lounge, a fitness room and a yoga-spin studio, so if you have the flexibility to do so, you can spend the whole day indoors at your Kendall Square apartment building and have everything you need for a comfortable, active and productive day.

Sure, Fall brings with it colder weather and shorter days, but it’s hard to feel blue if you embrace the power of seasonal festivity and the characteristics, both natural and otherwise, of one of the most extraordinary cities in the country.  If all else fails, pop into one of Cambridge’s many coffee shops and lose yourself in pumpkin spice!

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